January 25, 1996: 16 years later

Reading this news release brings back emotions I felt 16 years ago to this day. That morning, I left the hotel to meet my lawyers, Sandra Anderson and Jon Faulds, at the Field Law offices in Edmonton. We were told the day before we’d hear the judge’s decision at 8:30 am, before the news release went out at 10:30 am. The press conference was scheduled for 12:30 pm. Oh my gosh, we laughed and cried when we heard! I remember making the sign of the cross and thinking, Jesus thank you, it’s over.

“What they did was wrong. They were playing God with the lives of thousands of people… This decision should make it easier for others who were treated like I was to come forward now and begin their own healing… I hope my fight is over now, and I can get on with my life.”

> Field Law News Release, January 25, 1996 — page 1 & page 2

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