‘Invisible Child’ play wins Alberta Literary Award


Cast and friends: Linda Grass, Sandra Anderson, Leilani O’Malley, Jenny McKillop, Randy Brososky

I was shocked and very happy to hear last Saturday that our Fringe play won the Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for drama, at the annual Alberta Literary Award banquet.

Thanks and congratulations to the talented David Cheoros, who wrote this wonderful play. Thank you also to Lou for helping me write my story and bring it to David. And to Jenny, Linda, Randy and Vincent, for this labour of love.

Thank you to each and every one of you.

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Easter wishes

PeggysueI want to wish everybody around the world a Happy Easter.

PeggySue, Boots and I are doing ok. We had more snow around here that we’ve had in years and I’m glad to see it going!

From your friend, Leilani

A night at the Fringe

Taking a bow after Saturday night’s production of Invisible Child, with actors Linda Grass, Jenny McKillop and Randy Brososky.

Last night I saw Invisible Child: Leilani Muir and the Alberta Eugenics Board, at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. The play was written by Dave Cheoros and directed by Vincent Forcier.

I was flabbergasted. I can’t believe how well they all did, and I am so glad I gave Dave permission to do the play.

When the project first started, I was very nervous. I thought, ‘What did I get myself into?’ Then, when I watched the play yesterday, I knew Dave couldn’t have picked better people to do the job.

I never dreamed this would happen. Thank you, Dave.


Child Play

Last week Dave Cheoros arranged a photo call for the cast of Invisible Child: Leilani Muir and the Alberta Eugenics Board: —Linda Grass, Jenny McKillop and Randy Brososky—at the old McKay Avenue School.

I enjoyed watching the shoot, and even had a few pictures taken with Jenny. We had such a good time together, we couldn’t stop laughing! Jenny is such a good person and a talented actor. I’ll bet her parents are very proud of her.

A reading of my Fringe play

In May, my friend David Cheoros invited me to a reading of the play he’s written about my life, for the Edmonton 2012 Fringe Festival. David really has pulled together a great crew!

At the reading, I met director Vincent Forcier. Actors Jenny McKillop (who plays me), Linda Grass and Randy Brososky were there too.

The three actors stood in front of us and read from the script. In the audience were a few of my friends, Moyra Lang (CURA administrator) and Lou Morin (editor/writer), among them.

After the reading, we all sat together and talked about what worked and what didn’t work. Jenny and the others did a fantastic job, and I’m excited to see the final production.

Before I left, I had a few minutes to talk with Jenny. I gave her a red rosary to hang on to during the play. I asked her if she could hold it all the time she’s playing me; I had held a rosary in my hand during my entire trial.

The play premiers on Friday, August 17th at the Strathcona Library.

Visit my blog for more details as we get closer. I hope you can make it!